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Consultancy, courses, learning & development and coaching to support your business goals and people strategy.

Our courses

The following courses are available face to face and virtual courses. Please get in touch to learn more.

★ How to create and run a training session

★ How to create bitesize training sessions

★ Coaching and mentoring

★ Handling difficult conversations

★ Creating ED&I strategy

★ Wellbeing strategy

★ Communication and engagement

★ Creating a learning and training culture

★ Succession planning – benching future stars

★ New opening support training

★ Change management

★ Train to train

★ FOH & BOH development schools to management level

★ Supervisor training

★ Stepping into management – the mindset shift

★ MIT training – management onboarding at all levels

★ Complaint handling

★ Emotional intelligence and body language

★ Leadership training – 5 sessions

★ Leadership bitesize – 1 day

★ Conflict resolution

★ Introduction to Employee relations

★ Basic Employee relations training

★ Team briefs

★ Recruitment & selection

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