About Appetite4Careers

Appetite4Careers is a learning and development consultancy specialising in hospitality.

We specialise in leadership, culture, coaching, mentoring and career pathways / succession planning for both individuals and businesses.

Our mission is to attract, retain and develop hospitality talent for now and the future.

Our Story

Co-founders Nicky and Nick first met when Nicky was GM of Café Uno, Sevenoaks and Nick had just set up Appetite4Recruitment. More years ago that we care to admit to!

They kept in touch throughout their careers and have become firm friends. As their careers developed Nick focused on staffing solutions to the hospitality industry and Nicky put all her efforts and resources into developing the talent in hospitality, dedicated to helping others realise their dream careers and making the most of learning opportunities.

In the summer of 2019 during a catch up coffee in London Bridge, Nicky suggested a ‘what if’….

‘With a market facing attraction challenges, what if we could help businesses attract, retain and develop people whilst tackling the introduction of great people into the industry?’

In early 2021, with the staffing crisis escalating for obvious reasons, it was time to talk again and from there Appetite4Careers was born.

Providing a genuine solution for good businesses who have the capability of being great. Nick knew Nicky’s L&D expertise, developed over a successful career in hospitality, would make a big difference to people’s lives and careers. Impacting individual businesses and in a small, but significant way, the industry as a whole.

‘It takes only a tiny rumble in the ocean to cause a tsunami of change, so lets make that change’

We have a vision, to help people be brave enough, have big dreams and support them to make those a reality. We are passionate about attracting, retaining and developing the future talent and supporting the growth of others to make their aspirations a reality.

Having worked in hospitality for all of their adult lives, they are both grateful and fortunate for all the opportunities the industry and the exceptional leaders has given them. Now it’s time to give back.

The added bonus is they share the same values which is honesty, curiosity, trust and ambition. Appetite4Careers will be Nick’s new venture adding to his portfolio of hospitality businesses; Appetite4Recruitment, Appetite4Work and Hospitality Jobs UK.

Appetite4Careers is the perfect solution to plug the hole in the ‘leaky bucket conundrum’ regarding talent in the industry.

We know that finding people is a necessary fix and keeping people is the ultimate solution.

Nick Clover, CEO Appetite4Recritment, Appetite4Work, HospitalityJobsUK and Appetite4Careers.

Nicky Wallis, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Appetite4Careers



  • Leadership for managers

  • Leadership for executive teams

  • Team training

  • Product training

  • Career pathways

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Group training: face to face, virtual and blended


Business Training

We work with you to support your business goals by providing the perfect solution from L&D consultancy, diagnostics, L&D strategy, skills gap analysis, bespoke training interventions as well as individual coaching and mentoring. We can provide a package or a single solution that’s right for you.

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Candidates Courses

We are absolutely committed to support you into getting your dream role. Let us help you polish up on CV, interview prep and role play interview scenario.

Candidates Courses

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