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At Appetite4Careers we are obsessed with hospitality and even more passionate about the people who work in this awesome industry. We are 100% committed to provide training that delivers the perfect solution, plugging the skills gap and empowering your employees to love work and be great at what they do.

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  • Leadership for managers

  • Leadership for executive teams

  • Team training

  • Product training

  • Career pathways

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Group training: face to face, virtual and blended

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We believe no dream is too big to make a reality with the right training and support.


We work closely with our clients to create and implement training and development initiatives resulting in an engaged, skilled and thriving talent.


We work with organisations to develop clear career paths for their teams and help the rise up to be amazing performers at work. Creating holistic learning solutions to enhance their careers and benefit company performance

‘At 21, Nicky taught me all I needed to know in the Gaucho academy about my role and then management / leadership. I value how involved she was in the process. This led me to forge a successful career in hospitality. The reputation of the training attracted excellent staff to the business.’

Jordan Hashmi, Operations Manager, Atlantis Resorts

‘Nicky has to be one of the most professional people I’ve worked with. The training academy she led along with her dedication to improving individuals no matter what their level. Staff were developing, promoting and growing. I still try to implement this within my own business regularly.’

Alexander Crepy, Co-Founder, Amelie Restaurants

‘Nicky is my first point of call for LMS systems, coaching, L&D strategy and general common sense. Her knowledge in the field is up to date, forward thinking and commercially focused. As a bonus she’s also great to work with!’

Suresh Banarse, HR Director, Wahaca

‘Nicky is a true L&D professional, always keen to ensure she produced the best training for all her colleagues. We were so impressed with her comprehensive knowledge, and inspirational approach to learning I would not hesitate to recommend Nicky to others in any L&D capacity.’

Amanda Rosewarne, CEO & Co Founder, The Professional Development Consortium

‘I worked with Nicky at TRG over 8 years ago, we are still friends, so that says it all really. Nicky is a great L&D professional, full of energy, knowledgeable and inspirational. Nicky was a great support when we worked together, over the years Nicky has continued to keep in touch and has become a great mentor. Any Company that gets to onboard Nicky is very lucky she will transform the L&D department.’

Avi Collins, Learning & Development Manager, Giggling Squid

Nicky has been not only a colleague for many years, but a mentor and an inspiration.

She’s incredibly determined and passionate about life and her career. It’s amazing to see her “in action”. She always sees the positive side in people and helps them nurture it and develop it and nothing is ever too difficult for her.

Nicky is always trying to better herself and her knowledge, always on the lookout for a better method and ways to introspect herself and the reasons behind people’s behaviours. She never stops and I can consider myself lucky to worked with her.

Claudia Isoni, Executive Office Manager

I worked with Nicky at TRG and we were hell of a team. She successfully took in the first Operational Trainer role in trg Concessions, working together we successfully implemented a development retention strategy for the teams in all roles and levels, this helped us creat a culture where everyone was fully engaged and enthusiastic in the very challenging environment we operated. I’m confident Nicky can add great value to any organisation she works with.

Sameh Ibrahim, Operations Director, The Restaurant Group

How our training is delivered

We are available for both face to face group training sessions as well as a virtual or blended approach. It is our mission to make training accessible for your individual needs.

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